Organic and non-GMO Commodity Market Data Resources

When it comes to Organic and non-GMO commodity trading, you’re only as good as your data. Mercaris brings a new approach to data gathering that helps corn, wheat and soybean traders make timely commodity trading decisions.

Our resource pages shed light on Mercaris’s proprietary market data collection and reporting methods as well as other valuable Mercaris tools. Our timely and comprehensive research platform allows users to customize information and reports to their needs. Read the pages below to learn about how Mercaris’s data and reporting helps a wide range of users, then sign up for a free trial!

Organic and Non-GMO Corn Prices and Market Data
Organic Grain Buyers
Organic Grain Market Data & Prices
Organic and Non-GMO Soybean Buyers
Organic and Non-GMO Soybean Prices and Market Data
USDA Organic Commodity Prices
Organic Wheat Buyers
Organic and Non-GMO Corn Buyers
Organic Wheat Prices and Market Data
Organic and Non-GMO Corn Market Prices

Farmers, manufacturers, analysts, and many others, utilize Mercaris’s market reports, some of which include: production estimates by state, acreage reports, monthly price and volume trend analyses, importer data reports, supply-demand price analytics and organic versus conventional correlations.

Mercaris also integrates outside data sources into some of its reports, such as: U.S. Customs, the USDA, Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), and others; and the Mercaris online trading platform allows users to see past auction data, upcoming auctions, in addition to real-time buying and selling capabilities.