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Frequently Asked Questions

What crops does Mercaris follow?

Currently all of our data reports cover USDA Organic corn, wheat and soybeans as well as non-GMO corn and soybeans. Some of our other reports cover meals and oils. Our coverage is always expanding and we love to have guidance from the community.

For full details see our Commodity Specifications Guide.

What are the prices in your reports based on?

Every single contract that we use to build our reports, or that is traded on our platform, represents the physical delivery of a commodity. If we put a price in our reports, it was a completed trade between two parties, rather than a bid or offer simply put out in to the marketplace.

How is Mercaris different from other Ag data providers?

There really aren't a lot of third-party sources for information on IP (Organic, non-GMO, etc.) commodity markets. We bring together many different information sources all in one place, primarily featuring our own original data sets, derived from both our price survey as well as our trading platform.

Our reports allow you to compare foreign grain prices, US food & feed prices, spot & forward prices, price by crop year, region of the US or Canada, and in the case of organic wheat, by commercial grade.

How is Mercaris different from the USDA Organic Prices?

Mercaris USDA
Farmgate Prices
Delivered Prices
Spot Trades
Forward Trades
Weekly Feed Prices
Biweekly National Feed Prices
Biweekly Regional Feed Prices
Ability to Customize Time Periods
Trade Volumes Included
Regional Prices (including Canada)
Crop Marketing Year

How is Mercaris different than CME?

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange allows people to exchange risk via derivatives (like futures and options contracts). Derivatives can be traded between buyers and sellers without the underlying physical commodity ever changing hands. Our platform is for people looking to take physical delivery of a quantity of a commodity. There are no standardized contracts that can be traded off to a third party before an expiration.

How many users/logins does my plan come with?

All of our plans come with an unlimited number of logins, you will be able to add new users from your account page.

Does Mercaris provide consultative services for special projects?

Yes, Mercaris will assess and draw up a statement of work before accepting a project.

How often do you update your reports?

We update our reports on a monthly basis; however, during certain times of the year (for example, spring contracting or fall harvest seasons) when we have lots of trade data coming in we’ll update reports weekly.

How does Mercaris collect and handle data?

Over 50 different first handlers of grains, located across the United States and Eastern Canada participate in a weekly survey on IP grain cash price information. We don't disclose the identity of our survey participants, but if you are a first handler of organic or non-GMO grains and would like to join their ranks then you're welcome to send an email to Survey participants receive free access to price information for the commodities they help us track.

For more details see our Reporting Methodology.

Will the Mercaris price be the same as my local price?

Probably not. Our prices represent an average for a particular region. The price that a local elevator or mill is willing to pay will depend on a variety of factors. We hope that both sides of the market can use our price information as a reference point in the decision making process.
Do you have further questions or need more information? Please reach out to us, get in touch.