Acreage Analyzer

Acreage Analyzer

The Mercaris’ Acreage Analyzer is a tool that enables you to visualize U.S. organic and non-GMO acreage from multiple angles. The Acreage Analyzer allows users to view specific year-over-year shifts in U.S. acreage as well as identify historical market trends.

Gain Insights from Organic & Non-GMO Acreage Data

  • View state level estimates by crop for U.S. organic acreage
  • Compare year-over-year acreage shifts for organic crops
  • Dive deeper into gains and retractions for specific crops and regions
  • Find where organic and non-GMO acreage is located

Commodities with Harvest Acreage Data

  • Organic corn acreage
  • Organic wheat acreage
  • Organic small grains acreage
  • Organic oilseeds acreage
  • Organic pulses acreage
  • Plus more organic field crops

Commodities with Non-GMO Planted Acreage Data

  • Non-GMO corn acreage
  • Non-GMO soybean acreage

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Acreage Analyzer System