Organic Farms Heat Map

Sample heatmap
Crop Seclections
  • Organic Corn
  • Organic Soybeans
  • Organic Wheat

Key Highlights and Plan Options

View quantity of NOP certified organic farms by zip code that are growing a given crop (currently organic corn, wheat, and soy can be viewed on the heat map). This organic farm heat map layer sits atop our existing Facilities Asset Map, see the Plans and Pricing page if you wish to add it to your subscription.


To create the organic farms heat map, Mercaris leverages two of its already powerful market analytics tools, creating broader market context. The precise grain terminal location data currently provided by the Mercaris Asset Map tool is enhanced by overlaying USDA Certified Organic farm population data sourced from the USDA Organic Integrity Database (USDA OID). Mercaris compiles this information during its annual survey of USDA Certified Organic farm operations, and for its Annual Organic Crops Acreage report. The OID dataset provides the locations of the certified operations which Mercaris is able to aggregate by ZIP-code. It is the zip code aggregated data that Mercaris overlays the currently existing Asset Map with to create a perspective that highlights the composition and distribution of US organic agricultural production and logistics.