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The Mercaris Data Service makes it easy to gain insights into Organic and non-GMO commodity prices, perform analytics, and trade identity preserved commodities.

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Mercaris Data Service provides up-to-date and accurate information on the organic and non-GMO commodities marketplaces.

Auctions, via the Mercaris trading platform, allow organic commodities brokers, buyers, and sellers to meet online and trade physical commodities in real time.
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Mercaris vs USDA Organic vs CME Prices
See how Mercaris-delivered prices compare to conventional CME prices, and to organic farmgate crop prices reported by the USDA.
Prices by grade, region, delivery periods
Access cash organic commodity prices to identify trends and compare food vs. feed grade commodities, spot and forward prices, regional price variations, and more!
Trade Statistics
Gain unique insights to understand differences between domestic vs international grain marketplaces.
Online Trading Platform
Buy or sell organic or non-GMO commodities, for physical delivery, online.

Reports Tailored to Your Needs

Mercaris reports were created with you in mind

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Organic vs. Conventional Report

Mercaris created the Organic vs Conventional Report to compare Mercaris delivered prices for organic corn, soybeans and wheat side-by-side with corresponding USDA farm-gate prices and CME conventional commodity prices at weekly and monthly frequencies.

The Mercaris Market Survey™ is the most comprehensive and largest Organic and non-GMO data set available to date. More than 50 first handler facilities participate, encompassing 25% of the total domestic Organic and non-GMO market.
Data is supplied by Mercaris, the US Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).
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Price Breakdown

We’ve collected proprietary data from over 50 grain buyers across that country that will allow you unprecedented insight into the market for IP grains.
Our price breakdown reports allow a detailed, granular look at organic and non-GMO cash market prices. Select customizable time periods throughout the calendar year and view delivered prices according to grade, delivery period, crop year, or region. Historical prices and forward prices accessible through these reports.
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It’s impossible to have a comprehensive understanding of organic grain markets without looking at imports. We track FOB origin and delivered US prices, volumes, freight and country-of-origin statistics each month.
Want to know where organic grain is coming from, how much is being imported, and what the delivered price is? This report is for you.
View a sample document.
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Weekly Average Price History

View years worth of weekly organic feed grade prices from the Mercaris survey.
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Organic Grain Handling Facilities Map

View an interactive map of North America highlighting grain-handling facilities that utilize non-GMO or Organic Corn, Soybeans, & Wheat. Each facility represented within the map is listed by operation type, product manufactured, transportation options, and estimated annual throughput volume in bushels.

Expand Your Reach with the Mercaris Trading Platform

Participants gain exclusive access to an industry-first online market for organic, non-GMO and other identity-preserved commodities. Contact Mercaris to learn more about the Mercaris Trading Platform:

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Learn how the Mercaris data service will benefit you.

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Key Benefits
Better understand present & future IP crop value
Make more informed planting, purchasing and investment decisions
Use data to support profitability goals
Recommended Plan
The "Grow" plan is ideal for family farms, growers, producers, farm managers and land owners.
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What Growers Have to say

"I use Mercaris to keep an eye on non-GMO corn and soybean prices so I can feel more confident about the prices I see in the marketplace."

Dan Renkly at Renkly Farms

"Our first auction went smoothly. We were satisfied with the outcome and we didn't have to worry about collecting the payment. We certainly want to continue using this service"

Gary Zimmer of Otter Creek Organic Farm
Key Benefits
Uncover key market trends
Improve risk management
Access granular market information
Recommended Plan
The “Handle” plan is ideal for first handlers, brokers or input providers
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What Manufacturers Have to say

"Mercaris takes the guessing out of the organic market and makes my job easier in establishing price offers."

Tom Manley at Homestead Organics
Key Benefits
Gain better insights into your supply chain
Understand fundamentals of input costs
Gain an edge through customized market research
Recommended Plan
The “Analyze” plan is ideal for processors, co-packers, mills or vertically integrated food companies
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What Processors Have to say

"The organic and non-GMO markets are in constant flux. Mercaris allows us to stay on top of changes both domestically and abroad."

Beth Robertson-Martin at General Mills
Key Benefits
Access a data-rich, unique view of the sector or commodity
Gain an edge through customized market insights
Support development of better risk management tools
Recommended Plan
The “Analyze” plan is ideal for investment funds, analysts, and banks
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What Analysts Have to say

“The knowledge and expertise provided by Mercaris have been a valuable resource to our research process.”

Brian Holland at Consumer Edge Research
Key Benefits
Conduct macroeconomic analysis
Research historic and current data
Support and Inform policy recommendations & analysis
Recommended Plan
The “Support” plan is ideal for researchers, government officials and universities
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What Consultants Have to say

"It's important for us to use reliable information in our work and Mercaris provides us with the best datasets available for non-GMO corn and soybean prices."

Catherine Greene at USDA

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