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Two Key Improvements Needed to Reduce Reliance on Organic Grain Imports
Imports play a critical role in today’s U.S. organic grain market. Even though they expose U.S. grain pricing to the dynamics of other markets, imports also provide some pricing stability by helping the country fulfill its demand for organic grains. Two particular issues connected to organic grain
Overcoming 3 Market-based Challenges Organic Grain Growers Face (That Conventional Growers Don’t)
Adhering to the standards and best practices of certifying agencies appointed by the USDA is only one small piece of the complex organic grain production puzzle. In fact, even after successfully implementing organic farming standards, marketing organic grains comes with significant disadvantages c
U.S. Boasts 6.5 Million Acres of Organic Certified Land with 460 New Operations in 2018
Silver Spring, MD, October 16, 2018—Mercaris, a market data service and online trading platform for organic, non-GMO, and certified agricultural commodities, today releases its annual Organic and Non-GMO Acreage Report. In its report, Mercaris captures key statistics around the expansion of certified
Quick Access to Organic Commodity Prices Made Possible by Mercaris Partnership with DTN
Silver Spring, MD, August 21, 2018—Mercaris, a market data service and online trading platform for organic, non-GMO and certified agricultural commodities, announces a partnership with DTN, a leading provider of insights and solutions, to provide ProphetX subscribers with exclusive market data and in
Mercaris Expects US Organic Spring Wheat Yields to Recover, While Organic Whole Corn Imports Threaten Domestic Production
Silver Spring, MD, August 14, 2018 — As the organic and non-GMO market passes the mid-year point, attention is on the growing 2018 crop which shows strong potential for improved Spring Wheat yield. These findings come from Mercaris, a market data service and online trading platform for organic, non-G
Mercaris Becomes Certified B Corporation
Silver Spring, MD, April 30, 2018—To formalize its dedication to creating positive social and environmental impact, Mercaris became a Certified B Corporation® on April 26, 2018. Attaining the certification required thorough assessment of ongoing operations, and provided incentive for Mercaris to impr
Mercaris Holds First-ever Online Auction for Organic Powdered Milk
Silver Spring, MD, March 5, 2018—As part of the organic dairy initiative launched by Mercaris in 2017, the company successfully held a first-of-its-kind online auction for certified organic nonfat dried milk powder (NFDM). The online auction, held March 1, closed 50,000 pounds of NFDM at $2.47 per po
2017 Q3 Newsletter
Mercaris Announces 30% Increase in Certified Organic Grain Acreage for 2017
Silver Spring, MD, November 7, 2017—In a presentation made at the Organic & Non-GMO Forum in St. Louis, Missouri, Mercaris released its 2017 Organic & Non-GMO Acreage Report. This is the second iteration of the report, which provides a detailed look into organic and non-GMO acreage data and provides
2017 Q2 Newsletter
Mercaris Announces Record Organic Grain Volume Traded on Auction Platform for 2017
Silver Spring, MD, April 13th, 2017— The Mercaris Auction Platform continues to demonstrate strong growth: year-to-date, over 280,000 bushels of organic grain have been traded via the on-line platform, more volume than traded in all of 2016. Since holding the first pilot auction for organic grain
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Mercaris Auctions & News update July 2015
Upcoming auctions, recent price trends, news stories -- there is plenty happening at Mercaris and in the non-GMO & organic grain markets. One big announcement is that we are launching our NEW website at the beginning of August. ------------------------------------------------------------ UPCOMING
June 2015 Newsletter
What’s one of the most striking features of the U.S. Organic Grain sector? It’s the volume of grain imported from overseas to the U.S. Now you can track this information with greater precision than ever before. Our Foreign Imports Report shows statistics on volumes (monthly and yearly import by c
May 2015 Newsletter
Organic Soybeans, June 2015 delivery Organic soybean supplies are tight! On May 20 we will be hosting an auction for 2014 crop year, feed grade soybeans. Contact Lizzie Ekeberg (mailto:[email protected]) for details. SUBSCRIBE TO MERCARIS DATA SERVICE! (
January 2015 Newsletter
February 4-6, 2015 LaCrosse, WI MOSES ( March 4-7, 2015 Anaheim, CA Natural Products Expo West ( We will be attending these events. Contact us (mailto:[email protected]?subject=Upcoming%20Events) for more information. SUBSCRIBE TO MERCARIS
November 2014 Newsletter
T his month Mercaris welcomes our newest team member, Todd Jones. Todd is our Member Relations Associate and he’ll be the point person for Mercaris members who have questions or need assistance with our market data services. Todd is an entrepreneur himself. Prior to joining Mercaris, he founded a c
September 2014 Newsletter
With fall harvest just around the corner, we thought this would be a good time to share some information on spot and forward prices from the Mercaris Data Service ( . We began collecting delivered prices (for both spot deliveries and forward contracts) in
June 2014 Newsletter
** Organic Corn Available in September! ------------------------------------------------------------ Organic corn supplies are tight! On July 15 & 16, we will be hosting an auction for 5,400 bushels of 2014 crop year, feed-grade, organic corn. This corn will be available for delivery the second ha
May 2014 Newsletter
** Mercaris Sits Down with Mark Albertson, Director of Strategic Market Operations at IL Soybean, on Expanding Markets & New Opportunities for Growers ------------------------------------------------------------ This past month, Illinois Soybean Association ( (ISA) became the
April 2014 Newsletter
The Mercaris Trading Platform is designed to provide both buyers and sellers access to an effective and user-friendly market for IP grains and oilseeds. We love to talk about the the opportunities it provides our customers-- to make new supply chain contacts, to diversify marketing, to reduce transa
February 2014 Newsletter
Mercaris Trading Platform On March 3, we will be hosting a forward auction for 10,000 bushels of 2014 crop year, feed-grade, non-GMO soybeans. Bids are FOB Maryland. Have organic soybeans to sell? On March 5, we will be hosting a reverse auction for 10,000 bushels of feed-grade, organic so
November 2013 Newsletter
Last month we announced the launch of the Mercaris Data Service ( , allowing you to track organic grain prices. This month we're proud to report that we hosted the first-ever online non-GMO grain auction on the Mercaris Trading Platform. You can read mo
Mercaris Announces Launch of Industry-first Online Auctions for Identity-Preserved Grains
Silver Spring, MD, November 6, 2013— As demand for organic and non-GMO food continues to grow worldwide, market infrastructure, in the form of better information and more effective procurement tools, have lagged behind. Mercaris, a new company addressing these issues with critical market data and tra
October 2013 Newsletter
If you are reading this, you probably know it is our mission to provide vital market information to the organic and non-GMO sectors to enable their growth and development. We are excited to report that we are making important headway. We were proud to announce the launch of the Mercaris Data Ser
Mercaris Announces New Industry-first Data Service for Organic Prices, Trade Data
Silver Spring, MD, September 27, 2013—Mercaris, a new company providing critical market data and trading for organic and non-GMO agricultural commodity crops, announced today that its Data Service is now available to subscribers. Mercaris uses its unique technology platform to conduct continuou
August 2013 Newsletter
September 16-18, 2013 Midwest Shippers Association-Specialty Grains Conference & Trade Show ( Davenport, Iowa September 25-28, 2013 Natural Products Expo East ( Baltimore, MD We will be attending the above events. Conta
July 2013 Newsletter
Trade data can be helpful in understanding the structure of organic grain markets. For example, by combining this early import data with known harvested organic acreage in the U.S., a comparison between domestic production of organic grains & oilseeds with foreign supply of these same crops is poss
June 2013 Newsletter
Cartoon credit: Mike Twohy ** Upcoming Events ------------------------------------------------------------ IFOAM Organic World Congress This event is held every three years. The next World Congress is in Istanbul, Turkey in 2014, but the call for papers & presenters is open now! Visit www.i
May 2013 Newsletter
It’s been a busy week in agricultural policy as the U.S. House and Senate work to pass the 2013 Farm Bill. Organic Agriculture has featured prominently in the legislation and in the debate. While we won’t know the final outcome for a few weeks, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack made an historic announceme
April 2013 Newsletter
Join our Coffee Experts Working Group Mercaris is looking for people to join our Experts Working Group on Coffee. If you are part of organization that represents coffee farmers, exporters, or roasters and would like to have strategic input and early access to Mercaris information, please email (
March 2013 Newsletter
Mercaris is looking for a Summer Intern! Check the Careers Page ( of our website for more information. ** Upcoming Events ------------------------------------------------------------ March 21-23, 2013 National Coffee Association Annual Convention, San
February 2013 Newsletter
** ------------------------------------------------------------ This week, Mercaris introduces Ceres, the first in a set of analytical tools for IP agriculture. Ceres will allow users to compare prices for organic cereals against prices for their conventional counterparts. Ceres pulls biwe
January 2013 Newsletter
Those who have sought out information on organic acreage and production have most likely encountered data published by USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS). NASS produces annual acreage and production statistics on conventional agriculture and periodic data on the organic sector.
December 2012 Newsletter
Dear Readers: Welcome to the first installment of the Mercaris Monthly Newsletter. When we first launched Mercaris, it was with a sense of urgency. The world’s population has reached 7 billion (and counting!), environmental challenges abound, and extreme weather and a changing climate have made
Mercaris Acquires Trading Platform Provider, Exchangery
Silver Spring, MD, November 6, 2012—Mercaris announced today that it has acquired Exchangery, a provider of trading platform software for commodities markets. The deal aligns with Mercaris’ goal of providing an online marketplace for organic and non-GMO agricultural commodities. Founder and CEO [C
New Organic & Non-GMO Agriculture Service Launches
Silver Spring, MD, November 6, 2012—Today marks the launch of Mercaris, a new company to provide critical market information and infrastructure for organic and non-GMO agricultural commodity crops. Mercaris will allow subscribers to access key market data on certified or identity-preserved crops,