May 11, 2023 (Silver Spring, MD) – Mercaris announces finalized 2022 organic dairy inventory estimates are now available via the recently enhanced Mercaris Organic Dairy Dashboard.

Building on the Fall 2022 preliminary dairy inventory data, Mercaris’ organic dairy inventory update includes the most up-to-date state-level and regional data estimates covering organic dairy cow numbers, operations, and pounds of milk sold.

One interesting observation within the new data is that total U.S. organic dairy cow inventories declined to their lowest level in six years. This drop of nearly 4% year-over-year put the U.S. organic dairy herd at just 513,000 head as of December 31, 2022.

“It is important to note that organic dairy cow inventories were lower across most of the U.S. following a 7% decline in the number of certified U.S. organic dairy operations,” says Vice President of Economics with Mercaris Ryan Koory. “The largest declines seen in the data we analyzed occurred in Vermont, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Iowa.”

In total, the decline in organic dairy herds pulled 2022 U.S. organic fluid milk volumes down 3% year-over-year, to 8.1 billion pounds.

“These reduced organic dairy figures certainly indicate ongoing challenges within the industry and weaker organic feed demand,” says Koory. “However, it’s also always possible that tighter organic milk supplies could bring support to organic milk prices over the year ahead.”

The above insights are summarized from finalized 2022 dairy inventory data now available on the Mercaris Organic Dairy Dashboard. The Organic Dairy Dashboard features three tools - Data, Analysis , and Inventory - designed to give our organic dairy partners better insight into current organic markets.

Our newest organic dairy estimates are exclusive to Mercaris subscribers, for more information on the Mercaris Organic Dairy Dashboard or to inquire about subscribing to the Mercaris platform, please contact us at

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