The Latest Organic And Non-GMO Corn Prices Plus Comprehensive Organic Corn Market Data

Easy access to current and historical organic and non-GMO corn prices is important, but this data only scratches the surface of what today’s organic corn farmers, manufacturers, investors and consultants need to make the best market-related decisions for their businesses. With the industry’s most robust proprietary electronic survey, Mercaris offers the most up-to-date pricing, along with in-depth historical reporting for the organic and non-GMO corn markets. With Mercaris, no matter how drastically the price of organic corn changes, you are armed with tools to quickly and effectively respond to shifting dynamics. In addition, only Mercaris users have access to both in-depth organic market reports and an online auction platform that allows them the flexibility to market or procure grain in new ways.

Reports About Organic Market Drivers

Gain insights behind organic corn market prices with the Mercaris Market Guide and other reports to identify and analyze drivers like weather, currency strength, import activity, acreage levels and animal feed use, to name just a few.

Mercaris reports include:

Reporting on per bushel, per ton and other production units by state, along with future production estimates Organic corn import monthly price and volume trends and insights into key importers by destination, volume, and country of origin Sector consumption reports Supply-demand balance price analytics with organic vs conventional correlations, seasonality and storage costs Ongoing updates for organic and non-GMO corn market prices How Mercaris Data Differs from USDA Data USDA reports represent a less-detailed picture of organic corn pricing information than Mercaris data for two reasons. First, Mercaris offers weekly reporting compared to the USDA’s bi-weekly reports. Second, Mercaris information arrives from its own proprietary surveys of first-purchasers of organic and non-GMO corn across the country, in addition to data from outside sources like U.S. customs, USDA, CME, and others. In addition, Mercaris compares pricing between its own real-time data and the USDA’s. Our detailed approach to data gathering allows traders to realize premium trading prices, as seen in the example report below.

Mercaris users routinely get higher prices. In addition, the Mercaris Data Service displays food and feed prices for spot and forward transactions across numerous regions. Mercaris’ monthly organic corn import reports offer regular updates on U.S. import volumes, imported organic corn prices and trade statistics.