Our team is excited to announce an expansion of our existing Organic Acreage Analyzer tool with the addition of state-by-state harvested acres. This new tool provides you with unparalleled insights into organic grains and other field crops with a unique state-by-state organic acreage dashboard.

With the State-level Acreage Analyzer Tool from Mercaris, subscribers can dive deep into analysis previously unavailable in one location saving you valuable time. Your team can now:

Dive deeper into each state's organic crop acreage at a glance.
View state-level insights into organic acres harvested broken down by annual total acres as well as percent change year-over-year.
Customize your comparisons of organic harvested acres over a span of time to track changes and trends.

Interested in more information on how users can streamline their state-by-state organic acreage research? Contact our team for more details or sign up for a demo below to discover the power of state-level acreage analytics for the organic industry..