Information on Organic and non-GMO Commodities Markets

Mercaris Practices

How we define commodities such as Organic corn or non-GMO soybeans, where we get our data from, how we build our reports.

Mercaris Information Reporting Methodology
Mercaris Organic and non-GMO Commodity Specifications
Mercaris Public Comment Review and Resolution Management Policy

Pricing Information

What information is available on the prices of Organic and non-GMO agricultural commodities? How does Mercaris data differ from the USDA?

Organic and non-GMO Corn Prices
Organic Prices
USDA Organic Commodity Prices

Buying and Selling Organic Commodities

What are best practices of buying and selling. Using a market vs a broker.

Organic Commodity Auctions
Organic Grain Exchange
Marketing Organic Grains Online

Advanced Practices

How does transitioning work, what are typical crop rotations, how does supply and demand effect pricing?

Challenges of Maintaining Organic Supply Chains
Negotiating Forward Contracts for Organic Commodities
Gain a Deeper Understanding with our Annual Commodity Reports