Organic Online Market

How Online Organic Markets Work

Online Organic & non-GMO Commodity markets are places for people to buy and sell organic and non-GMO crops online, using an online platform in place of a traditional commodities broker or having to make dozens of phone calls themselves.

Instead of getting a single price of a broker, or calling dozens of buyers (or sellers) and waiting to hear back from them about the filled order price of the Organic commodity you want to buy, sell or trade, just log into the Mercaris Online Auction platform to get access to a community of buyers (or sellers) competing to buy (or sell) your grain.

Buying Organic Commodities Through Online Markets

Buying certified Organic and Non-GMO commodities is easy through our online market. Just create an account and then you’ll be using our online Organic Auctions Platform to view upcoming auctions for Organic commodities like Organic corn, Organic Soybeans, Organic wheat or other Organic grains by the truckload or railcar.

The Mercaris Online Organic Auction Platform makes it easy to track upcoming auctions and set up notifications for the auctions you’re interested in. Then, when it comes time for the auction of your choice, you can submit bids, or offers, on bushels of Organic commodities for sellers or buyers to accept or reject. Or, let the computer handle incoming orders--the highest bid or lowest offer will win the auction, assuring participants of the best market price available.. These features streamline the trade of certified Organic commodities.

Mercaris also provides weekly Price Breakdown reports of Organic grain prices and trends, giving you everything you need to make better decisions about marketing your Organic crops and commodities.

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Selling Commodities Through our Organic Online Market

The Mercaris Online Commodity Auction platform makes it easy to sell or buy bushels of certified Organic commodities online. Selling or purchasing Organic commodities is done through standard or reverse auction and this video tutorial will walk you through the steps involved in setting up an Online Auction for your Organic commodities.

After you’ve submitted the form containing the key details or specifications of your auction (reserve price, bushel quantity, quality characteristics, organic certification, etc. ), you will get a call from our auctions director to discuss your auction. You will also receive a written agreement by mail that commits your bushel quantity for the Organic commodity you’re selling and your reserve price.