The market for the top three U.S. organic commodities—corn, soybeans, and wheat—continues to be led by growing demand for organic livestock-feed, with Mercaris estimating organic livestock demand for organic grains and high-protein animal feeds to increase by 6% and 7%, respectively, over the 2018/19 MY1. Nevertheless, shifts in trade preferences as well as uneven growth in organic crop production are expected to create unique obstacles and opportunities for the various organic commodity markets.

Overall, the Mercaris outlook for organic feed demand anticipates that growth in organic high-protein feed demand will exceed growth in organic grain demand, with expansion of organic poultry production continuing to be the primary driver of overall organic feed demand. However, continued growth in organic soybean meal imports is creating headwinds for domestically produced organic soybeans for animal feed, which will limit market expansion over the 2018/19 MY.

Key Analysis Areas

  • Section 1: Executive Summary
    • Key Findings
  • Section 2: Organic Corn
    • Organic Corn Outlook
    • Organic Corn Suppoorting Tables
  • Section 3: Organic Soybeans
    • Organic Soybeans Outlook
    • Organic Soybeans Suppoorting Tables
  • Section 4: Organic Wheat
    • Organic Wheat Outlook
    • Organic Wheat Suppoorting Tables
  • Section 5: Organic Livestock and Feed Demand