USDA Organic Commodity Prices

About USDA Organic Prices

The USDA releases a bi-weekly report providing price data on feed grade and spot feed grade certified Organic grains, which Mercaris makes available to our subscribers in addition to our own Mercaris price reports. The two sets of pricing data may be compared side-by-side via reports on the Mercaris site.

USDA Organic Prices vs Mercaris

Along with delivered price data for certified Organic and Non-GMO grains, Mercaris grain reports provide you with a data-set geared toward complete knowledge of trends in the Organic grain market.

Mercaris Organic Grain Reports are available weekly, biweekly, monthly and annually, and give you data on:

Mercaris Weekly Grain Price Report

  • Organic Corn Delivered Transaction Prices
  • Organic Wheat Delivered Transaction Prices
  • Organic Soybeans Delivered Transaction Prices
  • USDA Farmgate Prices: Organic corn, Organic wheat, Organic soybeans
  • Conventional CME Futures Prices

Mercaris Annual Commodity Overview Report

Organic Grain Demand & Supply

  • Domestic Organic Grain Acreage, National and by State
  • Organic Grain Feed Demand
  • Organic Grain Processing Capacity
  • Organic Food Demand
  • Total Certified Organic Farms by State

Organic Import Data

  • Monthly Organic Import Volume
  • Trends in Import Prices
  • Key Importers and Destination Ports

Price Analytics

  • Organic Correlation with Conventional Grains
  • Seasonality
  • Storage Costs

Why Mercaris?

Mercaris provides the most reliable and robust pricing data available so you can better understand your market position, references specific regional or grade-based prices to make sure you are getting a fair market price, or use Mercaris prices as a negotiation tool since Mercaris is an unbiased 3rd party and does not take a market position.

Our online auction platform provides users with real-time data on auction closures for Organic grains, allowing you to see the current going rate for organic grain in our online Marketplace as well as the results of hundreds of past auctions.

Along with our first-purchaser price data, Mercaris tracks and collects USDA and CME futures data so you don’t have to pore over multiple bi-weekly reports anymore.