Organic Crop & Commodity Auctions

Organic Commodity Buying and Selling

For anyone familiar with the conventional agricultural supply chain, in addition to long term contracting many rely on large exchanges such as CME and ICE to procure grain and hedge risk. Unfortunately Organic and non-GMO products are not available via these venues. So farmers and food processors are often left to fend for themselves in finding local supply, or perhaps turn to brokers. This may solve an immediate need, but leaves all parties wondering whether the prices they are getting are typical of the larger market. The first step in addressing some of these unmet needs is a centralized, neutral third party that offers true price discovery via a marketplace.

How Mercaris Commodity Auctions Work

Our Auctions are the industry’s first online marketplace for marketing and trading certified Organic, non-GMO and identity preserved commodities. It works just like any other auction, with a fixed period for bidding (or offering) on bushels of certified Organic corn, soybeans, wheat, and other crops. Buyers and sellers of Organic or Non-GMO commodities are connected through our real-time auction platform. Users can view upcoming auctions, bid in live auctions and view data from previous auctions that have closed. It’s an easy way to market your organic grain, or manage your organic grain inventory.

Our online auctions for Organic and non-GMO agricultural commodities makes it easy to view ongoing auctions and place bids or offers in real time. Simply sign in, select the auction you want to join and start submitting bids. Just select the number of bushels you want to bid on, 2 truckloads (1700 bushels)of non-GMO corn for example, and name your price per-unit. If you are selling grain, simply list the number of bushels and other quality specifications for sale. Qualified buyers can then bid on your grain. Mercaris handles grain testing and ensures payment once grain is delivered.

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Agricultural Commodity Prices

Mercaris has the most accurate pricing data available for Organic and non-GMO agricultural commodities. By surveying first-purchasers and brokers of Organic commodities across the US and Canada, we release detailed commodity reports which are broken down by usage, grade, marketing year, spot vs. forward price, and region. Along with Organic crop prices and US customs import data, our auctions platform makes it easy to find buyers (or sellers), get the best market price for your crop, and quickly and easily receive (or make) payments.

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