At the start of the 2020 fall harvest, the key question facing organic markets is what factors will drive prices most over the year ahead. Will expanding acreage and rebounding yields create bearish supplies within the U.S.? Or, will growing U.S. consumer demand sustain organic livestock production levels, providing bullish support for prices that sagged over 2019/20?

With anticipated increases in organic corn, soybeans, and wheat production, growth in organic livestock production and feed demand will be critical over 2020/21. Following the rapid global spread of the novel coronavirus covid-19, supply chains, trade partners, and U.S. households found themselves in an unpredictable new world. In spite of this, U.S. organic consumer demand appears to have held up quite well over 2019/20, with both organic broiler and turkey meat production achieving y/y growth. Furthermore, Mercaris anticipates that U.S. consumer markets for organic protein will continue to expand in the 2020/21 MY following 2019/20’s momentum. However, this outlook is largely dependent on the strength of the U.S. economy over the year to come, as well as the continued growth of consumer dietary preference for organic proteins.

Key Analysis Areas

  • Section 1: Key Findings
  • Section 2: Executive Summary
  • Section 3: Organic Corn
    • 3.1: Organic Corn Outlook
    • 3.2: Organic Corn Suppoorting Tables
  • Section 4: Organic Soybeans
    • 4.1: Organic Soybeans Outlook
    • 4.2: Organic Soybeans Suppoorting Tables
  • Section 5: Organic Wheat
    • 5.1: Organic Wheat Outlook
    • 5.2: Organic Wheat Suppoorting Tables
  • Section 6: Organic Livestock and Feed Demand
    • 6.1: Organic Livestock Outlook
    • 6.2: Organic Livestock Suppoorting Tables
  • Section 7: U.S. Non-GMO Planted Acreage
    • 7.1: U.S. Non-GMO Corn and Soybeans Planted Acreage Summary
    • 7.2: U.S. Non-GMO Corn
    • 7.3: U.S. Non-GMO Soybeans

Tables and Graphs

Graph 2.1: Mercaris Estimated 2020 Total U.S. Organic Field Crop Acres Harvested
Table 3.1: U.S. Organic Corn Market Supply and Utilization
Table 3.2: Mercaris U.S. Corn Acres, Yield, and Production by State
Table 3.3: Mercaris U.S. Organic Corn Silage Acres, Yield, and Production by State
Table 4.1: U.S. Organic Soybean Market Supply and Utilization
Table 4.2: Mercaris U.S. Organic Soybean Acres, Yield, and Production by State
Table 5.1: U.S. Organic Wheat Market Supply and Utilization
Table 5.2: Mercaris U.S. Organic Durum Wheat Acres, Yield, and Production by State
Table 5.3: Mercaris U.S. Organic Other Spring Wheat Acres, Yield, and Production by State
Table 5.4: Mercaris U.S. Organic Winter Wheat Acres, Yield, and Production by State
Table 6.1: Mercaris Estimated U.S. Organic Livestock Inventories
Table 6.2: Mercaris Estimated U.S. Organic GCAU and Grain Feed Demand
Table 6.3: Mercaris Estimated U.S. Organic HPAU and Meal Feed Demand
Graph 7.1: U.S. Share of Genetically Modified Corn and Soybeans Acres Planted
Graph 7.2: Total U.S. Non-GMO Planted Acres
Table 7.1: 2020 Non-GMO Corn Acres Planted by State
Table 7.2: 2020 Non-GMO Soybean Acres Planted by State