Organic Grain Market Data & Analysis Improves Profitability

Weather, supply-demand shifts and other influences can drive organic grain prices, sometimes unexpectedly, in any direction. To succeed, you need the right tools that offer the most in-depth look at current and historical data for premium organic grain markets in the US and Canada.

Mercaris’ proprietary data collection technique involves using its own electronic survey of organic grain first purchasers to gain greater insight into organic crop price movement. This unique approach allows Mercaris to offer the most current organic price data, which can then be used to create customizable and comprehensive reports involving a variety of organic commodities.

Organic grain brokers, buyers, and sellers who use Mercaris are able to couple the best data and reporting tools with a powerful industry-first online trading platform to market and procure organic commodities—that’s the Mercaris advantage!

A Wide Range of Organic Grain Report Options

At Mercaris, we’re approached by a wide range of clients who need both organic prices as well as other analyses like historical reports and customized insights. We serve a variety of customers including: investors, traders, farmers, brokers, retailers, dairies, manufacturers, analysts, and many others who need customized data. Our comprehensive grain reports help our users target trends for accurately determining future investment courses.

Mercaris organic grain reports are available weekly, biweekly, monthly, and annually. Here are some examples of the information you’ll find in our reports:

Mercaris Weekly Grain Price Report

  • Organic corn delivered transaction prices
  • Organic wheat delivered transaction prices
  • Organic soybeans delivered transaction prices
  • Non-GMO soybean delivered transaction prices
  • Non-GMO corn delivered transaction prices
  • USDA organic grain prices: organic corn, organic wheat, organic soybeans
  • Conventional CME futures prices

Mercaris Annual Commodity Overview Report:

Organic Grain Demand & Supply

  • Domestic organic grain acreage, nationally, and by state
  • Organic grain feed demand
  • Organic grain processing capacity
  • Organic grain food demand
  • Total certified organic farms by state

Organic Import Data

  • Monthly organic import volume
  • Trends in import prices
  • Key importers and destination ports

Price Analytics

  • Organic price comparisons and how they relate to conventional grains
  • Seasonality and other price variations
  • Organic grain storage costs

Why Mercaris?

Mercaris provides the most reliable organic crop prices available to help you better understand your market position. We also provide specific regional or grade-based prices and you can also use Mercaris prices as a negotiation tool, since we are an unbiased third party and do not take a market position.

In addition, our online auction platform provides users with access to trading opportunities while also allowing them to see the current going rate for organic grains in our online marketplace, along with the results of past auctions.

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