The Latest Organic and Non-GMO Corn Prices Plus Comprehensive Organic Corn Market Data

Quick and seamless access to current and historical organic corn prices is important, but it’s just a small piece of what today’s corn farmers, manufacturers, investors, and consultants need in order to make the best market-related decisions for their businesses.

By using a proprietary electronic survey of first purchasers, Mercaris offers the most up-to-date pricing, along with in-depth historical reporting, for organic and non-GMO corn market prices in the US and Canada. Mercaris provides premium research tools to quickly and effectively respond to shifting market dynamics. Additionally, only Mercaris users have access to both in-depth organic market reports and an online trading platform to market or procure organic and non-GMO grain in new ways.

Reports About Organic Market Drivers

Gain insights beyond the prices of organic corn with the Mercaris Market Guide and other Mercaris reports and tools that help identify and analyze price drivers; such as weather, import activity, acreage, and food- vs feed-grade use. In addition, the Mercaris Data Service displays food- and feed-grade prices for spot and forward transactions across numerous regions. Mercaris’ monthly organic corn import reports offer regular updates on U.S. import volumes, imported organic corn prices, and commodity trade statistics.

Mercaris reports include:

  • Production estimates by state, along with futures estimates
  • US organic corn imports detailing monthly prices and volume trends as well as insights into key importer consignees by port destination, volume, and country of origin
  • Sector consumption reports
  • Supply-demand balance price analytics with organic vs conventional correlations
  • Weekly updates for organic and non-GMO corn prices and other identity-preserved commodities

Mercaris And USDA Data

When you couple Mercaris’ weekly and the USDA’s bi-weekly reports, you enjoy a detailed picture of organic corn markets and pricing. The Mercaris Market Survey involves more than 60 first purchasers, encompassing 8-12% of the total domestic organic and non-GMO market. Mercaris also reports on outside data sources such as U.S. Customs and Border Protection (U.S. CBP), the USDA, Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), and others.

Mercaris combines both USDA data and its own weekly pricing to offer a graphical comparison of market pricing, as seen in the example below.

Industry-First Online Trading Platform

Mercaris users can access an industry-first online trading platform for organic, non-GMO, and other identity-preserved corn, soybeans, and wheat. Subscribers can integrate pricing and other market data into one seamless platform to make timely trading decisions and execute on them all in one place.

The Mercaris online trading platform allows subscribers to:

  • View upcoming auctions
  • Buy or sell organic corn and other organic and non-GMO commodities
  • View data from past auctions

The Mercaris difference is quite simple. With Mercaris, traders, manufacturers, consultants and others in need of current organic corn market pricing can leverage a rich research platform and robust online grain trading platform to improve their business.

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