The Latest Organic Wheat Prices Plus Comprehensive Wheat Market Data

Today’s organic wheat farmers, product manufacturers, investors, and consultants need accurate current and historical data to make the best trading decisions. Thanks to its proprietary electronic survey of organic grain first purchasers, Mercaris offers the most up-to-date and dynamic organic wheat pricing reports. This data also informs Mercaris’ robust and in-depth historical analyses on a variety of organic commodities, including corn, soybeans, and other premium grains. Regardless of how much wheat prices fluctuate, you can trust that Mercaris will have the tools—including an industry-first online trading platform—to help you effectively respond to shifts in the price of organic wheat.

A Closer Look At Organic Grain Market Drivers

The Mercaris Market Guide and other reports enable you to identify and analyze drivers behind organic wheat market prices. Weather, currency strength, import activity, acreage level shifts, and animal feed-use are just a few of the many informational pieces Mercaris reports cull and analyze for customers.

Mercaris reports include:

  • Current and future organic production estimates by state
  • Weekly price and volume trends for organic wheat and insights into imports by price, volume, and country of origin
  • Sector consumption reports
  • Supply-demand balance price analytics with organic vs conventional correlations, seasonality, and storage costs
  • Ongoing organic wheat commodity price updates for US and Canada

In addition, the Mercaris Data Service displays food and feed grade prices for spot and forward transactions across numerous regions. Moreover, Mercaris’ monthly organic wheat import reports offer regular updates on U.S. import volumes, imported organic wheat prices, and other trade statistics.

Mercaris and USDA Data

You can’t rely solely on the USDA’s bi-weekly organic wheat pricing reports. Mercaris offers weekly reports with information from its own proprietary first-purchaser surveys from across the country. Mercaris then offers comparisons between its own data and the USDA as well as CME information. Our comprehensive approach to data gathering helps traders make the best decisions possible in any given market climate. NOTE: Add graph similar to the one on the Corn Prices page. If not available, we can cut this and above sentence.

Industry-First Online Trading Platform

Mercaris users also have access to a leading-edge online trading platform, which offers access to online grain marketing via live organic wheat and other certified organic commodity auctions like corn and soybeans. Subscribers can integrate reports and data into one seamless platform to execute on timely decisions all in one place.

The Mercaris online grain auction platform brings subscribers the ability to:

  • View upcoming auctions
  • Buy or sell organic wheat and other organic and non-GMO commodities
  • View data from past auctions

With Mercaris, anyone in need of current organic wheat market pricing can leverage both rich research and a robust online auction platform to improve business.

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