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Mercaris Auctions

Auction participants gain exclusive access to an industry-first online market for organic, non-GMO and identity-preserved commodities.

Live-Order Matching Auctions

Bids or offers are received in real time, putting control of the auction and its outcome right at your fingertips.

Sealed Bid/Offer Auctions

Auction holder sets parameters, including a reserve price. Tell us what you need, and we do the rest!

Bilateral Auctions/Negotiated Trades

For customers that might not need or want multiple bids/offers, Mercaris can find buyers and sellers and negotiate and facilitate trades directly on your behalf.

Spot or Forward Contracts

Whether you need delivery/pickup in 30 days or less, or are looking to contract several months in advance, Mercaris can help you lock in a price for your grain.

Upcoming Auctions

There are currently no upcoming auctions.

Auction dates and the grain specifications will be posted on the website as soon as they are available.

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Transitional Farmers

Mercaris now has a new program that can help you market your transitional grain and capture a premium over conventional prices.

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"Our first auction went smoothly. We were satisfied with the outcome and we didn't have to worry about collecting the payment. We certainly want to continue using this service"

Gary Zimmer of Otter Creek Organic Farm

"I was very pleased how hard Mercaris worked for me to find a home for my product. They worked hard to find buyers that would bid on my product at my price range"

Jonathan Olson from Minnesota

If you are ...

  • interested in signing up as a participant in one of these auctions
  • interested in holding your own auction
  • looking for more information about one of our upcoming auctions

Please fill out the contact form below and our Director of Market Operations will get in touch with you:

Still Have Questions?

Why should you use the Mercaris auctions platform?

  • Diversification of your marketing efforts- obviously there are companies or elevators that you are buying from or selling to already, but with the wide network of participants on the Mercaris auctions platform you will have access to new markets and new buyers/sellers. Our customers range from individual farmers to grain companies as well as processors/end user food companies.
  • Price discovery- the Mercaris auctions platform holds auctions in real time, which allows you to see multiple bids or offers as opposed to taking the price you are given by your local buyer/seller.

Are there any fees?

There is NO fee for putting bushels on our auctions platform, which allows you to try it risk-free. The only fees that occur are when a trade successfully takes place on the day of the auction. The transaction cost is .05/bu for Non-GMO and .10/bu for organic. If no trades occur on the day of the auction, you are free to take those bushels and market them elsewhere at no cost.

What do you need to do to get started?

  • Fill out the above form to get in contact with our Director of Marketing, Lizzie Ekeberg.
  • In order to hold or participate in an auction, we will help you get registered for an account. We have a free subscription option, or multiple paid subscription options.
  • Make sure you have as many of the following details as you can about the crop(s) you are looking to put on the platform:
    • food or feed-grade
    • total bushel quantity
    • FOB location (auction price is determined off the FOB point, not a delivered price)
    • an electronic copy of your certification (i.e. NGMO project, certified organic, etc)

Once we have all the necessary info, we will get to work contacting our network of buyers and sellers to make sure we find enough participants to make it a successful auction.

When a reasonable amount of participants are lined up, we work with you to determine what date to hold the auction, and what reserve price you want to use. Keep in mind that if you want to use live trading platform, you will have to commit to being at your computer during the auction to accept the bids/offers that are coming through in real time. Auctions are typically held from 9am-12pm CST. If you are unable to go the live auction route, we have an alternative that we can walk you through that involves zero time commitment on the day of the auction.

What if you want to deliver the grain instead of having the buyer pick it up?

Once the auction is completed we introduce the winning parties to each other and you are allowed to communicate directly about any changes you would like to make to the shipment terms. If both parties agree that the product can be delivered we will add on a freight cost to the final price.

How does the Mercaris payment system work?

5 days before the first pickup date, the buyer notifies us of their intention to pick up the product and moves the funds into an escrow account where it is held by Mercaris. Once delivery starts and the buyer confirms that the seller’s product matches the specs, Mercaris transfers the money from escrow directly into the seller’s bank account. Our payment system is secure and guarantees that you will be paid right away, as opposed to waiting 30+ days for your money.