Organic & Non-GMO Acreage Report

The Mercaris Acreage Report is the nation’s only trusted source of organic and non-GMO acreage data, capturing key statistics around the expansion of certified organic and non-GMO field crop farming and acreage across the U.S.

US 2019 Total Organic Crop Land
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With continued growth in the organic markets, and as better data becomes available, the demand for more in-depth and timely organic market analysis has reached a pinnacle.

On Monday February 24th, 2020, Mercaris will release the Final Organic & non-GMO Acreage Report for the 2019 marketing year. Due to the inherent changes that occur between planting expectations and harvest, assessing final acreage post harvest is critical. The Mercaris Final 2019 Organic & Non-GMO Acreage Report will be the most robust assessment of organic acreage in the industry.

The Mercaris Organic & Non-GMO Acreage Reports cover national and state-level estimated acreage figures for organic and non-GMO corn, organic and non-GMO soybeans, organic wheat, organic oats, and other organic crops in the United States. Mercaris is currently the only organization publishing data on organic acreage in the United States, these reports are available for purchase.