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Over the past several years, Mercaris has developed a successful trading platform that connects buyers and sellers of certified organic and non-GMO agricultural commodities. Our confidential service is ideal for grain companies, brokers, growers, food companies, and others along the supply chain looking to buy or sell products via a wide network of participants. Diversifying your marketing efforts and finding new trading partners has never been easier!

"I was very pleased how hard Mercaris worked for me to find a home for my product. They worked hard to find buyers that would bid on my product at my price range"

Jonathan Olson from Minnesota

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Still Have Questions?

Do I need to be a paid data subscriber to use your trading services?

No, you do not need to have a data plan with us in order to trade. However, if you’re interested in our data products, we’re happy to introduce you to our sales team.

What are your fees?

Mercaris knows that every penny counts towards your bottom line. Therefore, we purposely keep our fee structure low- .30/bu total for organic commodities (split evenly between buyer and seller), and .20/bu total for NGMO commodities (split evenly between buyer and seller). Fees charged for our organic dairy auctions vary according to product, please contact Mercaris directly for more information. Fees are only charged if a trade is successfully executed, and are invoiced upon completion of the contract based on actual volumes delivered.

How does your process work?

Our bilateral trades directly pair up a buyer and seller. But the identities of both parties are only revealed upon completion of a trade, at which point Mercaris makes the introduction and leaves it to the buyer and seller to work out logistics and payment.

For on-line trading, buyers and sellers enter offers via our order screen during scheduled auctions.

For growers, the process begins by contacting Mercaris and letting us know what you’re looking to sell. If we have a market for your product(s), we have you send a sample to the lab we work with to get a full grade and determine whether it’s eligible for the food or feed market. We also require a current copy of your organic certification. Once we get the grade results of your product(s), we email them to you so you have a copy for your records, and potential buyers can review results as well (your name/operation remains anonymous). Growers can then review resulting bids, which can then be accepted, countered, or declined. The vast majority of our grower trades are done on an FOB basis so you don’t have to worry about delivery.

For all other participants in the supply chain (i.e. grain companies, brokers, feed mills), the process begins by contacting Mercaris and letting us know what you’re looking to buy or sell. If we have a market for your product(s), you’ll enter quality/specifications and a discount schedule (buy side) or a specification sheet (sell side). Your company information is kept confidential as are any facility locations/delivery points that might reveal the company identity. When a bid/offer/indication comes back, you can accept, counter, or decline.

What if you don’t have a market for my products?

Mercaris only offers trading in about a dozen organic & non-GMO commodities. Additionally, market fundamentals may impact liquidity, particularly with regards to certain geographies, and/or thinner markets. Mercaris will inform would be participants of underlying factors that may impact the success of trading efforts, and will keep stakeholders updated as we expand the number of markets we operate in.

If you’re looking to buy/sell something outside of the “standard” products like corn, soybeans, and wheat, we’re more than happy to reach out to our network to understand more about your market. As long as it’s organic or non-GMO, we’ll do what we can to help. We do not trade any conventional products.

Can I ask for whatever price I want?

The short answer is no. Our goal is to help buyers and sellers make successful trades. So, if you’re looking to sell organic corn at $10.50/bu but the market is at $8/bu, that’s not a gap that we’re able to bridge. Mercaris works with dozens of first handlers of organic and Non-GMO commodities who confidentially report their trade prices to us on a regular basis, so we have a good handle on where prices are and what’s realistic. We regularly discuss price trends with our customers and it’s your prerogative to have a set price in mind, but if we’re too far apart on the bid/ask then we generally suggest revisiting the trade at a later time.

Do I need to worry about payment and delivery performance?

Mercaris only works with established industry participants, and we require all growers to provide current copies of their organic certificates. We don’t ever want payment or delivery to be a concern so we take our vetting process very seriously.

Does Mercaris work with companies outside of the U.S.?

At this time, work with sellers (companies or growers) based in the US and Canada. This is for traceability and vetting purposes, as well as our continued support for domestic organic and non-GMO agriculture.

What is your organic dairy auctions platform?

In 2019, the Mercaris dairy platform offered quarterly scheduled online auctions for certified organic cream. Those auctions will continue in 2020 and expand with new organic/IP dairy products nad participants. We are excited to bring the same price transparency that we have in our agricultural markets to the dairy markets.

How do I get started?

To get started, contact us, for more information about the process:
[email protected]
(312) 423-1875