Participation in the Mercaris Market Survey™

You can sign up by calling:
Jessie Bovay, Director of Business Development, (312) 423-1877

Becoming a survey participant with Mercaris can help your business grow - and as a participant you have access to a suite of solutions at no charge.

Trade reporting is easy and takes about 10 seconds per contract. Participants can also upload or email their own reports directly (excel, word, etc.).

Who should participate?

Participating in our survey is perfect for any first handler of grains, edible beans and oilseeds. And don't worry: participation is confidential. Mercaris anonymizes the data, so we never reveal your identity or your location.

Why become a Survey Participant?

Mercaris data can help you!


Survey participants gain access to our industry-first online market for organic, non-GMO and identity-preserved commodities. In addition to being able buy and sell commodities, you also get access to our historical auction data, where you can view previously held auction details by quantity, lot size, contract type, quality specifications, certifying inspection service, & delivered region, as well as bid price.


Get access to reports, helping you to better understand the market:

Price Breakdown Report

Sp breakdown

View Mercaris delivered prices through custom specified time periods for Organic Corn, Soybeans, Wheat and Dry Edible Beans, as well as non-GMO Corn and non-GMO Soybeans by region, crop year, spot contract, forward contract, end usage, and by total volume reported by the Mercaris Market Survey™.

Compare your prices

Compare your prices to the market average from the Mercaris Market Survey™ for a given crop:
Sp compare prices

And much more...

How is Mercaris different from the USDA Organic Prices?

Mercaris USDA
Farmgate Prices
Delivered Prices
Spot Trades
Forward Trades
Weekly Feed Prices
Biweekly National Feed Prices
Biweekly Regional Feed Prices
Ability to Customize Time Periods
Trade Volumes Included
Regional Prices (including Canada)
Crop Marketing Year

You can sign up by calling:
Jessie Bovay, Director of Business Development, (312) 423-1877

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