Organic Soybean Buyers And Brokers Require the Latest Market Data To Position Themselves For Success

Organic and non-GMO soybean commodities are affected by a wide range of factors. Supply-demand shifts, weather, production costs and other elements can influence prices positively or negatively. If you’re an organic soybean buyer or broker, you know that having valid data is key to your success.

Mercaris helps organic and non-GMO soybean buyers make profit-maximizing decisions with the help of its proprietary electronic survey of first purchasers. This unique approach to information gathering allows Mercaris to offer the most current and dynamic pricing information for organic soybeans and other grain commodities like wheat and corn.

Sophisticated Organic Soybean Market Reporting

Mercaris reports can identify pricing differences between conventional and organic or non-GMO soybeans as well as factors influencing feed or food grade soybeans. The Mercaris Market Guide and other summaries go well beyond organic soybean market price comparisons and histories to identify and analyze the unique drivers behind price shifts, in the past, presently, and in the future.

These comprehensive analyses include:

  • Current and future organic production estimates by state
  • Weekly price and volume trends for organic soybeans
  • Insights into key importers by destination, volume, and country of origin
  • Sector consumption reports
  • Supply-demand balance analytics along with organic vs conventional correlations
  • Ongoing organic soybean market updates

The Best Way To Use USDA Data, An Online Trading Platform

An organic soybean trader cannot rely on USDA reports alone. Mercaris brings weekly insights compared to the USDA’s bi-weekly data, and Mercaris information arrives from its own proprietary first-purchaser survey, which also includes US and Canada purchasers. We also retrieve information from U.S. customs, USDA, CME, and elsewhere. Mercaris also adds further value for buyers by comparing its own data to the USDA’s.

In addition, the Mercaris Data Service displays food and feed prices for spot and forward transactions across numerous regions. Furthermore, this service’s monthly organic soybean import reports deliver regular updates on U.S. import volumes, imported organic soybean prices, and other trade statistics.

Organic soybean brokers or buyers who utilize Mercaris data also enjoy our industry-first online auction platform, bringing buyers and brokers access to online grain marketing via live organic soybean, and other certified organic commodity, auctions. Subscribers can integrate reports and data into one seamless platform to execute timely trading decisions all in one place.

The Mercaris online grain auction platform allows subscribers to:

  • View upcoming auctions and data from past auctions
  • Buy or sell organic soybean and other organic and non-GMO commodities
  • Integrate with Mercaris data and reports

Combine the best data and reporting tools in the business with a powerful tool for marketing and procuring commodities—that’s the Mercaris advantage!

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