SILVER SPRING, Md., June 11, 2019 — Mercaris, the market data and auctions startup supporting the growth of organic and non-GMO agriculture in the U.S., today released its monthly market update for June.

Organic whole and cracked corn imports reached a combined 32 thousand metric tons in May, a 40 percent increase from May 2018. Organic whole corn imports increased slightly in May from the prior month, reaching an estimated 4 thousand metric tons, but remained below 2018 levels. Additionally, Mercaris has revised April’s organic whole corn import volumes following the release of the USDA’s official trade data for the month. Following the upward revision in April’s organic cracked corn figures, imports for the month of May reached 28 thousand metric tons, an 8 percent increase from April’s upward revised data.

Organic soybean imports slowed substantially in May according to Mercaris’ estimates at 4.8 thousand metric tons, the lowest level since November 2011. Initial trade data suggests that only two countries, India and Canada, had shipments arrive at U.S. ports in the month of May. Finally, organic soybean meal maritime imports over the month of May declined by 20 percent from the prior month, to just below 31 thousand metric tons. Despite the decline, May’s import volumes were the third largest on record and exceeded last year’s imports by 137 percent.

Organic broiler slaughter saw a 6 percent jump in May after several months of decline. Mercaris estimates that May organic broiler slaughter will reach 4.7 million head, up 8 percent year-over-year. Since the start of 2019, organic broiler slaughter has been consistently below to even with last year’s levels until now. With the sudden increase over the month of May, organic broiler slaughter is estimated to have reached 22.4 million head through the first five months of 2019, nearly even with the previous year.

U.S. Organic Broiler Slaughter

“Across the organic sector both supply and demand are becoming increasingly complex,” said Ryan Koory, Mercaris senior economist. “With this complexity, Mercaris is pushing to provide more data and key market information including increased coverage of organic livestock and organic commodity imports. The shift away from organic whole soybean imports, and towards organic soybean meal, remains one of the most impactful changes, and one that Mercaris will continue to follow closely.”

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