Silver Spring, MD, September 27, 2013—Mercaris, a new company providing critical market data and trading for organic and non-GMO agricultural commodity crops, announced today that its Data Service is now available to subscribers. Mercaris uses its unique technology platform to conduct continuous surveys of ‘first purchasers’ of organic grains in order to report on delivered prices for North American grain markets.

The Mercaris Data Service allows subscribers to track and compare spot and forward prices of organic corn, organic soybean and organic wheat markets across various regions of the U.S. and Canada. It also provides monthly statistics on the number of U.S. imports of these crops. The reports are expected to be of particular interest to producers, elevators, mills, manufacturers and retailers in the organic & non-GMO food and feed sectors who stand to gain an edge and benefit from insight into market conditions.

“We’re providing a ground-breaking service to the identity-preserved agricultural industry so participants will have timely, actionable market intelligence on key information about their sector,” said Founder and CEO Kellee James. “Whether you are a grower who needs to make planting decisions, or a food manufacturer thinking about sourcing challenges, Mercaris provides critical information to enable good business planning,” stated James.

As demand for organic and non-GMO food has grown worldwide, market infrastructure in the form of better information and more effective procurement tools have not kept pace. Mercaris is the first business to address this gap, by providing access to supply and demand factors unique to the sector. The Mercaris Trading Platform, to be released this fall, is the first electronic venue for identity-preserved physical commodities, where buyers and sellers can access a broader network of customers, reduce transaction costs, and decrease financial risk.

The Mercaris Data Service will expand in the near term to include non-GMO crops as well as other identity-preserved commodities. New subscribers can sign up for the service and access information at


For more information contact Mercaris at [email protected] or 301-495-4900