Silver Spring, MD, April 13th, 2017— The Mercaris Auction Platform continues to demonstrate strong growth: year-to-date, over 280,000 bushels of organic grain have been traded via the on-line platform, more volume than traded in all of 2016.

Since holding the first pilot auction for organic grain on the Mercaris Auction Platform in November 2013, participants have traded a total notional value of almost $4.5 million of organic, transitional, and non-GMO corn, soybeans, wheat, and other small grains. Auction participants include farmers, grain merchandisers, brokers, food and feed processors and other qualified grain handlers. The on-line platform can accommodate sealed bid/offer auctions as well as live order matching, and has seen significant increases in traded volume, with early 2017 volume reaching over 150% of 2016 volumes.

The Mercaris Auction Platform is the first electronic venue that facilitates the buying and selling of identity-preserved agricultural commodities, providing participants with reliable price discovery, a broader business network, reduced transaction costs, and decreased financial risk. Mercaris assists its customers to capitalize on growing demand for organic & non-GMO foods by providing market access and services tailored to the needs of the identity-preserved agriculture sector. Mercaris focuses its services on organic and non-GMO corn, soybean, meal, and wheat markets across all regions of the United States and Canada, but also works with buyers and sellers of other small grains, and has recently launched an organic dairy products initiative. In addition to providing its Auction Platform, Mercaris has created an extensive market data and analysis service available to clients in a customizable and user-friendly format.


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