SILVER SPRING, MD, Dec. 18, 2018 — Mercaris, the data services company bringing market intelligence to sustainable agriculture, is pleased to report its 2018-year-end results, detailing the company’s substantial milestones in the organic and non-GMO commodity market.

“From its increase in capital to the formation of key partnerships and certification earnings, Mercaris has grown exponentially over the past year,” said Kellee James, co-founder and CEO at Mercaris. “We are honored to help the agricultural market evolve and look forward to driving innovation, collaboration and sustainability for our industry in the years to come.”

To help further its dedication to the agronomic industry in 2018, Mercaris achieved the following:

• The company raised $2 million in its latest round of funding, which closed in September. This investment enables Mercaris to embark on its next phase of growth — into new IP commodities markets, new data analytics and risk management tools while expanding capacity to support the work of both Mercaris’ stakeholders and customers.

• Mercaris expanded it client base to include the entire supply chain. Its customers now span across the U.S. and Canada to Europe and South America including all industries from farming, grain handling and land investment firms to consumer package goods, retailers, universities, consultants, financial institutions and beyond.

• Completing a thorough assessment that proves the company is meeting unparalleled standards for both social and environmental performance, Mercaris was named a Certified B Corporation. This certification will help further the company’s dedication to the growth of agricultural practices that protect and build soil, water and air quality, as well as protect both human and animal health in every community.

• In the fall of 2018, Mercaris formalized a partnership with the business intelligence provider, DTN, in order to expand the distribution of its market data analysis via the DTN ProphetX platform.

• The Mercaris auction platform transacted a total notional value of $3.6 million of organic grain and dairy commodities.

• Mercaris held the world’s first Organic Dairy Auction for Non-Fat Dry Milk (NFDM) powder.

• The company released the industry’s only Annual Organic and Non-GMO Acreage Report — capturing key statistics around the expansion of certified organic and non-GMO field crop farming and acreage across the U.S.

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About Mercaris Since 2013, Mercaris has been helping its customers capitalize on growing demand for organic and non-GMO foods by providing market access and services tailored to the needs of the identity-preserved agriculture industry. Mercaris focuses its data and services on identity-preserved commodities, including organic and non-GMO corn, soybean, meal, and wheat markets across all regions of the United States and Canada, and recently launched an organic dairy initiative. Mercaris also maintains an online Auctions Platform, a pioneering tool that enables buyers and sellers to find new markets and more profitably trade organic and non-GMO commodities.

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