Mercaris Special Report: 2020 COVID-19

U.S. Organic Commodity Market & Risks Outlook

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The macroeconomic, social, and political landscape of the U.S. has changed dramatically since the first U.S. case of COVID-19 was reported in late January. With such monumental change occurring so rapidly, a tremendous amount of uncertainty has been injected into U.S. markets, including those for U.S. organic commodities.

To put this uncertainty in perspective, Mercaris conducted an industry-wide research initiative identifying the risks stemming from COVID-19, focusing on how and when they may impact organic commodity markets and supply chains in the year to come. This free report will address the impact of COVID-19 on producers as they look ahead to spring planting, risks to grain marketing with uncertain demand and supply chains, changes to the landscape of organic consumer demand, how macroeconomic shifts could shape organic imports, and the uncertainty surrounding the 2020 fall harvest.